Listen so Witchsona week was LAST WEEK but I don’t even give a hoot, gotta draw me some witches!!!

This year’s Witchsona is technically a mage- it’s based on this Sweet-As-Heck drawing I got in, like, 2014.

So I did a whole bunch of sketches DURING Witchsona Week, but the two I finished were both completed¬†this week. They’re late but I don’t even care- they were a blast to make!



So I inked it with my little Pilot petit1, scanned it, put this gradient down, and adjusted the levels on the inks.




Put the flats under the gradient, set the gradient to overlay, and used the purple from the gradient to shade- and then set that to Multiply and 51% opacity.


Mussin’ with some of Manga Studio’s Effects Brushes


And then I added this little white border! My buddy Dom does (use to do? sometimes does?) this white-border thing and I was like “you know what would be a good idea.” (They also do like the shapes-to-break-up-the-background-color-field thing to, so that is absolutely why there are so many pentagons.)

So I decided to try it out and it worked out hecka nice, I think!


I wanted to see what he looked like with the mask and hood up, too- after all, magic is dangerous. Don’t wanna breathe too much of it in!

I did this one in the same sketchbook at the first one- but I inked it with a Copic Sketch marker.


Scanned it, adjusted the levels, decided to go with my favorite set of colors for the gradient this time!




Set the flats to overlay, shaded with the orange from the gradient and set that to overlay.

I had to go back in on a new layer and re-do the face and glasses. It’s the same orange, but set to multiply.


Put in that border again, and went in with a soft white brush to make it look a little bit more like the light was coming from the head of the staff.


Spent a lot of time fussing over the stars! Big shout-out to HypotheticalWoman, for pointing out that I would probably need to make the stars lighter than the background- and also for pointing out that the bigger, more outline-y star brush existed.


I’m still super duper pleased with how this second one came out. Gonna have to make an effort to do more stuff with fun colors like this!