That Overdue 5 Page Comic for That Guy

Frick okay so I am FINALLY done with this comic. I’m still pretty proud of it, but also a little bit done- It just took so long! Dang! I mean, it didn’t take this long through any fault of its own, but still!

To celebrate, I’ve dug through my archives and found all the wips and sketches, and I’ve included them in this post so you can see all the progress in one place.

Here is a doodle of Kacey. I have not drawn her so on-model before or since.


Here is a wip photo of the thumbnails


And here are the scanned/completed thumbnails.

Dell V310-V510 Series

And then I drew the pages a little bit bigger in a smallish sketchbook I had/did some tonal work, to try to make sure what I was thinking was a good idea.

I have a really hard time drawing on the computer, so working out stuff on paper is really helpful to me.




And then here are some WIP first pass inks and tonal comps on the computer. I took all these steps because I wanted to make sure that A: I was doing it right (one of the ways I learn is by doing things the hardest way I can come up with, and since this is one of my first times working this heavily with light and shadow in this way.. I wanted to make sure it was good.)

comic page

annd here are the completed first digital pass inks/tones

comic page

page page


I no longer have the original completed inks for any of these pages, but I DO have the original completed colors for pages 1-3.

pg1 pg2


And then my external hard drive died, so I had to mope for several months before re-doing EVERYTHING.

I considered posting layer-WIPS of the final versions of the pages but ultimately decided against it. The most interesting change, in my opinion, was how I did the dialogue.. which still isn’t perfect but i think looks alright! What i did was set the lettering using type and then traced over it to make it more organic.

I really like the way it turned out and am overall pretty proud of it!

comic1 comic2

comic3 comic4