Hey! Thanks for hanging out in my stream with me, and DOUBLE THANKS for even briefly considering giving me money! it means a lot- and I wouldn’t lie to you about things that mean a lot to me.

During streams, I am more than comfortable being interrupted for commissions!

The rules are more or less as follow:

1: I prefer to work in whatever style/medium I’m already in.

  • So If I’m working on Sir Fattingston, I’d rather work on something in that style (traditional, pencils and ink on toned paper, cartoony)
  • Or if I’m working on references for Final Absolution, then I’d rather stay in photoshop and use the same sets of brushes I use to make those. 
  • This is mostly to keep things running smoothly!

2: A sketch is $5

3: $20 gets you a more finished piece.

  • what this means depends a lot on what style I’m working in at the moment
  • either way, $20 will get you an hour to an hour and a half of work
  • That’s about how long it takes me to make a Sir Fattingston page
  • for a single illustration in that style, I imagine it’d be super detailed, compared to the comic pages.
  • I can’t speak to other styles at the moment, but i’ll try to add examples to this page as I make them!
  • You can at any point add more time! My rates are $20 an hour. Just mention it in the chat and we’ll talk!

4: $20 will also get you a badge!

Everything WILL be scanned, so that both of us can post it!

(And if you have a deviantART, Weasyl, FurAffinity, or InkBunny account, let me know so I can tag you!)