Storyboard WIP

HOKAY wow phew this sure has been a heck of a month- there has been a lot of (frustrating) stuff happening in my personal life so Sir Fattingston is going to see some more delays, but hopefully they won’t be as long as that first really big one.

I HAVE been making stuff though! This particular post is going to be entirely about the first crack I’ve taken at storyboarding.

I think- I think it’s alright? It was surprisingly difficult to find good instructions online for how to do it and eventually the most helpful thing was to look at the boards for some of my favorite cartoons and hope for the best. And- yeah all things considered, I think I did okay.

So- I spent a long time trying to figure out what the heck to make the storyboards ABOUT and I kind of had a half-butt idea about a little girl playing with some turtles but it really didn’t feel right, so I asked my friend Dom about it and he brought out and dusted off this thing we had written when I was going through a mildly embarrassing Chaplin Obsession.

And it was perfect! But we couldn’t find the original script and I could only remember the gist of it- thankfully Dom was nice enough to re-type it and print it up for me.


I managed to hack out a set of sketches on printer paper over the next few days.






I’m not quite done with the boards yet- I still have to do the last 4 pages- but as soon as they’re done I’ll be sure to post them!